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Monday, 1 August 2011

Our Journey

The Santiago and Martin family migrated to Brisbane, Queensland in 1974 from Malaga, Spain.  Malaga is one of the major cities in Andalucia and is situated on the Mediterranean coast in the south of Spain.  Having a similar climate to that of Andalucia in southern Spain, southern Queensland was an obvious choice for our young family to call 'Home'.

This transition, was a truly challenging one as everything we knew, had been left behind; far away in our Mother Land.  We could not speak English, we had no money, no job, no home of our own. . . but we had each other and a spirit of adventure!

My Mother would cook the beautiful, heart warming food she had grown up eating and was now recreating for her family.  We were familiar with it and we loved it!  

In the telling of our journey we hope to share our passion, for all that is dear to us: our culture, our family and our food.  Passion reminds us that life is good and good times around good food, creates priceless moments to remember for a lifetime.

Cheers or Salud (as we say in Spain) and Buen Apetito!!

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