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Monday, 15 August 2011

Dulce y muy RICO.....

Sweet and very DELICIOUS!  What better way to end a beautiful Spanish main than with a delightful desert?

One thing that I noticed when I visited Spain, is that the Spanish LOVE their fruit.  It is bought fresh from the markets and the flavour, colour and sweetness is truly amazing.  They regularly eat fruit after their main meal as their 'dessert'.  

The Santiago family do enjoy their fruit but none more that my dear father, Manuel. He delighted in eating a plate of fruit any time of the day or night.  His love for fruit and gardening, compelled him to buy a 10 acre farm in the late 70's and he and my brother decided to plant strawberries.  What an adventure that turned out to be!!

In memory of our dad, we will be including several fruit based desserts in our cookbook.  One of which is seen in the picture below.  Pastel de Manzana (Apple Torte).

You will LOVE IT!