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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Tinto de Verano


It's SUMMER TIME and what a better way to cool down than with a gorgeously refreshing drink.

This drink is a 'staple' in the hot Spanish summer so we just had to share it.  I hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

Red wine
Chilled carbonated lemonade or lemon squash
1 lemon sliced for garnish

Dash of rum (optional)

Mix equal parts of red wine and carbonated lemonade.
Garnish with lemon slices. 
Add a dash of rum if you're feeling fancy.

That's it you're done! 
Enjoy with just about anything.


  1. Great to find your recipe for tinto de verano - takes me back to my summer as a student in Seville! My husband offered to cook me paella tonight and it got me thinking about this drink so came online to find a recipe - this'll do nicely! Thanks.

    1. Sevilla is a beautiful city.. Glad our recipe took you back. The Tinto de Verano is certainly one of our favourite drinks for a hot summer day.

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