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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Sangria Recipe

(Fruit and Wine Punch)

350ml good quality red wine (i.e. Shiraz or Merlo)
1 cup fresh orange juice
1 lemon
2 oranges
1 apple or 2 peaches peeled – depending on the season
1 cinnamon stick
2 tablespoons caster sugar
Fresh mint
30mls orange liqueur (i.e. Campari or Cointreau) – optional

Wash and cut lemon and one orange into slices. Wash and core apple (or peaches) and cut into thin wedges. Place fruit and cinnamon into a 2L jug. Pour wine, juice and liqueur over fruit. Add sugar and stir until dissolved. Top with lemonade. Garnish with fresh mint. Pour over ice and decorate glass with an orange slice.

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